Meet the Team


At CHILL, we understand the challenges that individuals face when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. We are a dedicated charity committed to providing support, resources, and a safe space for individuals in Carrickfergus and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to promote positive mental health, prevent suicide, and create a community where everyone feels valued and supported.

Staff 1

Maggie Lavery

Clinical lead

Maggie has a wealth of knowledge regarding mental health. She is responsible for managing the team of counsellors. Maggie is passionate and committed to raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention. Maggie originally from Greenisland has lived and worked in the Carrickfergus area her whole life.

Staff 2

Marie Ann Templeman

(Menopause Cafe Facilitator)

Marie Ann, also a local girl brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from a community background to the CHILL team, she is a qualified life coach and our Menopause Café Facilitator

Staff 3

Stephen Weir M.B.E


Stephen born and bred locally has a keen interest in community issues, he works tirelessly within the local community to reduce harm through alcohol and drug abuse. He has run many initiatives to help young people in our community to make better choices

He has also been working with his eldest son and has initiated our 'Young Chillerz'

Staff 6

Chris Dorrian

Walking leader champion

Chris is a local man who leads our walking group. He has great insight to local challenges and endeavours to create a safe and open group for the community. He ensures that all walkers are welcomed and feel part of the CHILL Hub.

Staff 5

Brian Smyth

Committee Member

Brian has been a serving memeber for the NIFRS service for 34 years. He has seen first hand the effects mental health has had and has joined CHILL to make a difference. The experience he brings from life experience and his own passion for supporting people is shown in his commitment to CHILL. This has allowed a memorandum of understanding with the local fire service. This has allowed many elements of support to be provided to people who may otherwise not have availed.

Staff 9

Eleanor Ellersile

Bereavement/Menopause Facilitator

Elenor works for CRUISE Bereavement, she delivers and facilitates the menopause café. Her experience of Bereavement and the challenges that brings has been invaluable to the CHILL hub.

Staff 10

Darren Wren


Darren is a local man who is a part of CHILL and organises sea swimming, this is a seasonal activity. This was to allow those suffering chronic pain and PTSD a place to feel supported and heal. He has supported CHILL in many ways and is always available to help in anyway he can.

Staff 8

Helen McClean

Bereavement/Menopause Facilitator

Having lived and worked in Carrickfergus her whole life, Helen is very passionate about mental health and our town. She works for the council and has developed some great projects. Her creativity and passion have been an asset to the CHILL hub as she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight.

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